Stars and their eyes

We’ve all been there. Pressed up against the TV screen, nose brushing the multicoloured static*, scrutinising a character's spectacles for that signature butterfly rivet. Are they…? Are they Cubitts?

This is a guide for people with search histories along the lines of: ‘Jay Blades glasses; what glasses Jay Blades; please please tell me what Jay Blades' glasses are, I want them oh so very much’ etc. etc.

We’ve gathered together some of the more notable film and television Cubitts wearers here, to save you the hassle.

Oh and he wears Judd.

If in doubt, it’s probably Judd.
* This hypothetical takes place pre-flatscreen. Times were simpler then.

† Above. Stanley Tucci wears Wicklow Slate in Supernova (2020).
The list goes on (and on). Here's some more Cubitts wearers you may have observed on your screens:
  • Jeremy Strong wears Richmond in Black as Matthew in The Gentlemen (2019)
  • Liz Carr wears Herbrand in Slate in Infinite (2021)
  • Adrian Brody wears Tonbridge in Black as Arthur Miller in Blonde (2022)
  • Matt Lucas wears Agar in Beechwood as Prodnose in Wonka (2023)

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