Employee eyecare

Your eyes are
feats of biological

It’s important you look after them. Cubitts now offer an employee eye care scheme which gives employees an eye test and a pair of glorious spectacles - if you choose.

Eye tests are important for indicating whether a person needs glasses, or needs to change their prescription, but that’s not all. A full eye test can detect more serious health issues, such as high blood pressure, diabetes or glaucoma.

It is recommended that everyone has an eye test at least every two years. Comprehensive, honest and enjoyable eye examinations are available at all Cubitts sites. Using advanced technology, each examination lasts around thirty to forty minutes and is taken by one of our optometrists, who will talk you through each step.

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Our eye care services include;

  • A proper test, double the length and twice as nice lead by our experienced optometrists
  • The opportunity to have dedicated days for your teams eye exams
  • Individually bespoke eye examinations including fundus imagery
  • Outstanding aftercare service, including repairs, frame cleaning and adjustments
  • Outstanding eye care, with extended and thorough tests as standard

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    Any member of staff who uses a display screen for more than one hour continuously on the majority of their working days can request that their employer pay for them to have an eye examination, and covers the cost of spectacles if they are necessary.

    Staff who work from home are also covered by these regulations, whether they use company computers or not, as are employees who are working away.

    Extended eye examinations usually cost £40, but when purchased for employees through our eyecare scheme come at a lower rate. Further savings are available if spectacles are then required for VDU purposes.

    Want to know more? Get in touch, employeecare@cubitts.com.