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Mirei is our first garden tool. A spectacle frame made to withstand the rigours of the great outdoors.

Designed in collaboration with Niwaki, makers of the finest Japanese pruning tools, to fulfil the wearing requirements of the planter or pruner.

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Handmade for handwork

Mirei features a panto lens shape calculated for peripheral vision and eye protection. Cable ‘curl’ temples grip the ear with a reassuring embrace, maintaining a proper distance between frame and flower bed. The frame comes with detachable flip-clip sunglasses, which can be ratcheted up and down in response to the sun’s fickle glow.

Precision lenses

Mirei is fitted with prescription or non-prescription ZEISS ClearView lenses, with DuraVision® coatings to protect against gardening perils. Hydrophobic to repel smudges, anti-static to prevent grime and dust, scratch resistant, and UVA resistant to the top end of the spectrum.

Form follows function

Each frame and clip-on comes with an ultra-light, exceptionally strong aluminium case, grooved with press-formed ribs to double the stiffness and strengthen the base. With a soft microfibre lining to gently cradle the frame and lenses, preventing scuffs and scratches.

Alongside, a limited edition cleaning cloth featuring an illustration artwork by artist Natsko Seki.

Available to purchase online and in the Cubitts Cambridge and Belgravia stores.

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