Making the finest spectacles we can

Engineered for your eyes, we marry traditional methods with modern technologies, to create frames for advanced vision, and better living.

Our frames are made in the traditional way, and go through fifty crafted stages of production over a period of six weeks, including four separate stages of polishing to ensure a glorious lustre.

Finest materials

We use the finest material from the world’s leading suppliers, testing for its strength and durability under laboratory conditions. Read more about our Mazzucchelli acetate here.

Custom hardware

Our frames feature custom hardware, such as our own Cubitts ‘wire cores’ – the slender piece of metal, inserted into a temple, to make our frames adjustable (incidentally the proportional relationship between the temple length, and the temple body is 1.618, the Golden Ratio).

Comfortable temples

The temple tips are on our frames are fractionally thicker and rounded than the rest of the arm, to create a more comfortable fit.

Mitred joins

Our frames have a mitred (angled) join between the front and the temples. This is a sign of quality and more difficult to do, but it means a join can be filed back to allow a better fit.

Barrelled hinges

We use high quality barrelled hinges from the world’s premium suppliers. These give strength and a consistent movement. We avoid spring hinges, which are difficult to fix when broken, and are the sartorial equivalent of an elasticated waist on a tailored suit.

Custom finishes

All our acetate frames can have a custom matte finish, achieved by firing pressurised aluminium beads at the surface.

Sturdy screws

Our screws include miniature silicone bands, which preserve the thread and mean a temple keeps its tightness for much longer. We use the finest teflon coated hinges, with between three and seven charnieres.

Custom nose fittings

On any of our acetate or horn frames, we can add custom metal nose pad fittings, which help fit for a lower crest. Pads themselves are available in silicone, stainless steel, titanium or even ceramic.

Understated design

Our Cubitts logo is carefully inlaid on the inside of the temple - while our frames are quintessentially Cubitts in the design, we do not believe in unnecessary external adornment.

Pin drilled hinges

Most of our frames are constructed with custom Cubitts pins that secure right through the acetate - this is called pin drilling. The traditional frame construction usually eschewed in favour of the cheaper 'heat sunk' approach. This process is done by hand and takes more time and skill, but means hinges can be easily serviced or repaired.

Performance lenses

We offer a wide range of prescription lenses, including single vision lenses, higher indexes for stronger prescription, and progressives. We also offer an extensive range of tints, mirrors, and gradients. Read more about our lenses here.