It begins with a word. Redux. To bring back. To revive.

A word that floats around the Cubitts workshop, as offcut acetate is gathered from another day’s spectacle making. A word that tumbles through the stores as much loved frames are brought in for donation or repair or reglaze.

For this three century old industry is stuck in its ways. An industry that prioritises mass production over durability, sales over repairs, profit over progress. Something needs to change.

Our commitment to REDUX means embracing waste materials, frame donation, and repairs. Initiatives that seek to prolong the lives of magnificent spectacles. To give them a fresh start on a fresh face.

Frame donation

Cubitts Anew

A frame with a life already lived is all the more beautiful.

Spectacles with a story to tell. Polished and buffed in the Cubitts workshop and returned to the shelves of Broadway Market as non-prescription sunglasses.

They begin (and end) at £75. All profits donated to the London Wildlife Trust.

You can donate your old frames to Cubitts Anew in the following stores:

Notting Hill
Coal Drops Yard
Broadway Market