A guide to Cubitts lenses

Your eyes are magnificent. Treat them accordingly.

Cubitts frames are available with a range of lenses, with and without prescription.

All our lenses are made by ZEISS, proven in our lab tests to be of the highest quality. You can read more about their reputation for innovation here.

What's included?

Each pair of Cubitts spectacles comes with single vision ZEISS ClearView lenses as standard. Optimised to the eye to offer a larger zone of clarity, thinner and flatter than the average lens.

We won’t charge you extra for the necessities. That’s why all our lenses include the following ZEISS DuraVision® coatings:

What type of lens should I choose?

We offer the following types of lens:

Optional extras:

Read more information on choosing lenses in our FAQ.

To order lenses which aren't available online, please get in touch or visit us in store.