Spectacle Making Class

Spectacle Making Class


A pair of spectacles should be the most personal object you own. 

Join the Cubitts workshop team to learn the crafted stages of spectacle production, and make your own frame.

Every class includes:

  • A tour of the workshop process, from CNC milling to finishing touches.
  • The tools and expertise to cut, sand, polish, groove, and assemble your own frame, over a 4 hour session in the workshop.

Classes run on Saturdays every month, starting at 10AM and lasting 4 hours. After each class, the workshop team will complete the finishing touches, with lenses of your choice, with a prescription if required. This can take up to 3 weeks, depending on your lens choice.

If you already know which frame you'd like to make, fill out the name and colour above. Otherwise, the workshop team will be in touch to confirm.

Additional dates will be released for booking in July 2024.

Spectacle Making

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A kaleidoscope of shapes and acetates.