Eye exams

Your eyes are magnificent, so it’s important you look after them


Routine exam
OCT examinations

Eye exams vary, depending on where you go, and it won’t surprise you to learn that Cubitts’ examiners are very examiney. It won’t be like anything you’ve previously experienced.


Our optometrists are there to care for you and your eyes, so your appointment will be a warm and relaxed experience. A routine Cubitts eye exam can take 30-40 minutes, to give us time to take you through the process jargon-free.


At Cubitts, an eye exam does not necessarily mean a new pair of spectacles. Or sunglasses. Or anything else, for that matter. Our optometrists are not sales people, they’re experts in eye health, and will never try to sell you a pair of spectacles if you do not need them.


Beyond eyesight, there are tests for pressure, visual acuity, refraction and retinal health. Thriving eyes in other words. Should you care to (and everyone over the age of 25 should…) you can also opt for our 60 minute Optical Coherence Tomography examination. That’s mapping and measuring all ten layers of your eye. OCT is all about predicting conditions in the future. For example, OCT can spot glaucoma four years earlier than a standard retinal examination or photography. Available in Hampstead and Spitalfields. 

Learn more about our eye examinations on our FAQs.