41 Monmouth Street, Covent Garden, WC2H 9DD

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Covent Garden


Routine exam
Frame repairs and adjustments
Lens changes
Bespoke services
Wheelchair accessible, excluding eye examination room

Opening hours

Monday - 10pm-7pm
Tuesday - 10pm-7pm
Wednesday - 10pm-7pm
Thursday - 10pm-7pm
Friday - 10pm-7pm
Saturday - 10pm-6pm
Sunday - 12pm-6pm


41 Monmouth Street,
Covent Garden,

The light and the dark.

Sitting close to the heart of Seven Dials, our Covent Garden store is inspired by the theme of light, shadow and the passing of time. Its façade and simple window display have been considered to echo historical photographs of Monmouth Street as it appeared between the 1940s and 1970s.
For much of the 1800s, the site was home to funeral directors A. France and Son, whose commissions included the coffin for Admiral Nelson, complete with 10,000 gilt brass nails, and funerals for King Georges III and IV. Spanish mahogany-clad walls, custom cabinetry, and a coffin-shaped mirror pay homage to the site’s prior funerary incarnation. The life-assuring forest green that adorns the exterior provides a hopeful contrast to this dark invocation.
The store’s glass shelving owes a debt to the gnomon of the nearby sundial, the centrepiece of this historic quarter. There are only six dials to be found at its top, with the gnomon itself acting as the seventh. The store’s wide windows and mirrored surfaces accentuate a theme of light and shadow.
Four frames are available exclusively to Cubitts Covent Garden, inspired by the store and surrounding area’s rich and often macabre history. Their silhouettes are inspired by light and shadow, the coffins once produced there, and the frames worn by beloved Covent Garden character and comic Michael Bentine.