Code of conduct

Cubitts code of conduct

Cubitts is a spectacle and sunglasses manufacturer and retailer, with physical and digital stores, offering a wide range of optical services.

Our Supplier Code of Conduct describes what we consider appropriate business conduct by our suppliers.

The aim of this document is to ensure that both our values and universally recognised standards are shared and incorporated by all of our suppliers.

Our company values are Pioneering, Proud, and For all, and the Cubitts Code of Conduct reflects those values. We work to ensure those values are shared by all our suppliers, and throughout our supply chain.
  • Pioneering: We improve things, by doing things better or more simply, celebrating both innovation and failure. Taking the lead, we don’t wait to be told what to do and stay positive in the face of challenges and change.

  • Proud: We take pride in doing things properly, even when we are exhausted. Deeply committed to the highest standards with a relentless drive for consistency in quality and detail.

  • For All: We treat everyone with the same warmth and respect, and without ego. We listen and communicate openly and honestly, respecting all opinions.

  • We refer to universally recognised standards such as the ILO Code Of Practice In Safety And Health, ILO International Labour Standards, OECD Guidelines For Multinational Enterprises, and the 10 UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, provided in the references section of this document.
Labour and people



Ongoing improvement
Each year we undertake a review of all of our supplier in respect of our Code of Conduct, our values (Pioneering, Proud, For All), and the universally recognised standards.