It begins with a word. Redux. To bring back. To revive.

A word that floats around the Cubitts workshop, as offcut acetate is gathered from another day’s spectacle making. A word that tumbles through the stores as much loved frames are brought in for donation or repair or reglaze.

For this three century old industry is stuck in its ways. An industry that prioritises mass production over durability, sales over repairs, profit over progress. Something needs to change.

Our commitment to REDUX means embracing waste materials, frame donation, and repairs. Initiatives that seek to prolong the lives of magnificent spectacles. To give them a fresh start on a fresh face.
The more new things we don’t make, the better.

From 17th November, our stores in Brighton, Coal Drops Yard, and Borough will begin gratefully accepting your old spectacles. When you begin wearing your new specs, donate your old pair back.

Our workshop will begin deep cleaning. Polishing. Buffing. Until they emerge. Anew.

They will be returned to the shelves as a limited collection. With the resplendence of a brand new frame and stories of former lives. They begin (and end) at £75.

Begin again.

The more new things we don’t make the better.