Introducing our REDUX acetate

Introducing our REDUX acetate
Most high quality spectacles are made from cellulose acetate, a rather beautiful material made primarily from wood pulp and cotton. It's hard wearing flexibility makes for frames that can be repaired, reglazed, and adjusted for a lifetime. This means you can choose the right pair of spectacles for you, and wear them until you depart this mortal coil. And that’s a good thing.

But acetate wastage is the number one concern facing the spectacles industry. While non-petroleum based, it is still a semi-synthetic plastic, and draws on some of the earth’s natural resources. The spectacles industry sends up to 75% of its acetate to landfill. We think something needs to change.
We collected all the tiny acetate fragments from our workshop floor, each shed from a beautiful pair of handmade spectacles. We took this gamut of colours, a blind survey of the tastes of our bespoke customers, and created our kaleidoscopic REDUX slabs, each with its own unique pattern.

Just the first, small step in a quest to change our three century year old industry for the better.