Ten surprising objects for ten years.

Ten surprising objects for ten years.
To celebrate our tenth anniversary, we delved into the Archive to rescue ten perfectly preserved spectacle silhouettes from our history, and bring them to a new audience.

While we were in there, we also found some other things collected from the corners of the globe. Objects like the horn of a water buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) above. A traditional material for making spectacles.

Not everything was so relevant to spectacles. We asked Cubitts founder, Tom, to explain himself:

An Aya Huma mask from Ecuador. I wear it to drive away evil spirits, such as when a competitor opens up literally next door to Cubitts Notting Hill.

A vintage foot measuring tool. For the ill fated period when our Soho store was filled with people trying on Broughton boots. Broughton Boots did not make it to ten years.

El Caganer, a traditional Catalan figure, given to me by my parents during my pooping years.

A çifteli. A traditional folk instrument from Albania. Occasionally played by Cubitts builder Xhemal to accompany odes.

Wooden monkey. Unknown origin (although it may have been Denmark).

Vintage illustration. One of many references to tiny people floating around Cubitts. I'm not sure where the obsession started - either Gulliver's Travels, the film Innerspace, or possibly deep seated anxiety about my own size / status in the world.

Bought in Serbia. A tiny pair of Opanak, presumably for a tiny person. See above.

England FC Matryoshka doll, Russia, circa 2018. Featuring England legends like Jamil Vardy.

Piggy Bank, brought back from Olinda, Brazil. Unfortunately empty.