Cloth Collective: Cubitts Coal Drops Yard

Cloth Collective: Cubitts Coal Drops Yard
A community designed lens cloth as part of an expression of our team’s creativity, whilst supporting meaningful causes.⁠ In the fifth instalment of the Cubitts Cloth Collective, our Coal Drops Yard team tells us about the inspiration behind their cloth, a brief insight into their local area, and the charity they’ve chosen to support.

‘Our team’s cloth was designed by our very own manager, Alex, who chose to represent the national flowers of Afghanistan, South Sudan, Syria, and Myanmar, four countries that make up over half of the world's refugees. With all the proceeds going towards ActionAid, we wanted to design something that felt true to Cubitts, and shine a light on the continuing refugee crisis. We chose ActionAid as they’re an international charity dedicated to fighting poverty across the globe, with a specific goal of ending violence against women and girls. Women refugees are often the most vulnerable and ActionAid’s work made sense as a cause to align with in supporting these people.’

‘As many of our customers know, Coal Drops Yard has changed over the years. What is now our Cubitts store was once a lively club hosting some of London’s biggest raves. It still has the original Victorian brick viaducts, with structures dating back to the 1850s that transferred coal to and from city centres. To pay homage to this history, we have frames in-store made of steel, and another made of horsehair suspended in resin. Visiting us at Cubitts Coal Drops, you are sure to find some history buffs, and not only a deep love of our frames, but a respect for the history of the store, and a desire to keep the heart and soul of Coal Drops living on.’

‘We feel very lucky to be placed in such a fantastic location which encompasses so much of Cubitts’ identity and love of King’s Cross. It is always a lovely and full-circle moment when a customer visits wearing a Camley or a Judd, proudly proclaiming they live on that very street.’

You can support ActionAid by popping in store and picking up your copy of the cloth, exclusively available at Cubitts Coal Drops Yard.