Cubitts x TOAST

Frederick REDUX

£250 including polarised lenses

A limited edition sun frame made in collaboration with TOAST. Crafted from waste chips of cellulose acetate gathered from the workshop floor, a unique green-tinged mottled melange we’ve christened REDUX Havana. Rendered in boldly optimistic Frederick, with its rectangular silhouette, saddle bridge and thick temples. Accompanied by a TOAST hand-dyed kantha stitched ikat pouch.

  • 100% recycled cellulose acetate.
  • Pin-drilled signature Cubitts rivets.
  • 2/3 charniere hinges with Teflon coated screws.
  • UV protection.


  • TOAST hand kantha-stitched ikat pouch.
  • Navy recycled Repreve fibre lens cloth.
  • Two-year warranty and 30-day no-quibble return.
  • Repairs and reglazes for life.
  • Complimentary frame rehab after a year.

See it on a model

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Frederick REDUX

Alice has a medium head and medium low nose.
She wears Medium in REDUX Havana.

Frederick REDUX

Henry has a medium head and medium nose.
He wears Medium in REDUX Havana.

Frederick REDUX

Adam has a medium head and medium nose.
He wears Medium in REDUX Havana.

What should become of our acetate offcuts?

It’s a pressing question. Indeed, acetate waste is the main environmental concern plaguing the manufacture of spectacles. But it’s a question to which our staid and uninspiring industry does not currently have an answer.

So we looked elsewhere. We looked to TOAST, who share our interest in objects made to be infinitely worn, and repaired for a lifetime. They are creators - or should we say re-creators - of a plethora of timeless and time-defying pieces that rescue the discarded from its landfill destiny. They share our love of an object’s history, a preference for the handsomely scuffed over the perfectly polished.

Kantha: a predecessor to REDUX

Each frame is accompanied by by a hand kantha stitched TOAST pouch made with traditional methods by craftspeople in India, supported by the Fair Trade cooperative Sasha. Constructed from layers of discarded sari and dhoti fabric and individually ikat dyed, the pouch is a beautiful recycled home for our REDUX frame.

Our promises to you.

The craft

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A marvellously mottled melange.