The Cubitts Podcast Episode 5: Claire Goldsmith

The Cubitts Podcast Episode 5: Claire Goldsmith
In the final episode of this series, Tom speaks to fellow member of the spectacle enthusiast community, Claire Goldsmith, director of Oliver Goldsmith.

Oliver Goldsmith began in the 1920s, arguably the first company to place themselves at the union of optics and fashion. Over the ensuing century, they revolutionised spectacle manufacture, and adorned some of the most famous bespectacled faces in the world.
Claire is the fourth generation of Goldsmiths to take the helm, reinventing the brand for the 21st century.

Naturally, Tom and Claire spend quite some time talking about the intricacies of spectacle design history, before moving on to three Emotional Utilitarian objects from Claire's life.

Her Mini Cooper, the latest phone in her collection, and a marvellous olive oil spout.

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