The Cubitts Podcast Episode 3: Lally MacBeth

The Cubitts Podcast Episode 3: Lally MacBeth
The third episode of the Cubitts podcast introduces a different sort of Emotional Utilitarian.

Lally MacBeth is the co-founder of Stone Club, a collective formed to travel to and celebrate standing stones. She also runs The Folk Archive, where she catalogues folk customs, lore, costumes, and other beautiful things.
From usual realms of modernist design and architecture, Lally and Tom turn their attention to the powers of standing stones, the allure of church kneelers, and the mystery of horse brasses, among other folkish things.

‘I think I do lean more into the beautiful than the functional’, confesses Lally, though we’ll still allow her to count herself as an Emotional Utilitarian.

Lally brings in three things from her life to discuss with Tom. A horse brass from her collection, a hag stone for casting spells, and a scrying mirror. For scrying.

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