Cubitts eye exam

What happens during an eye exam?

Our eye examinations include assessments of your:
  • Vision and any spectacle prescription you may require.

  • Binocular vision, which determines how well your eyes work together as a pair.

  • Internal and external ocular health, including retinal photographs.

  • Peripheral vision.

  • Internal eye pressure.

  • OCT Exams

    We also offer a longer test with an OCT scan in our Hampstead, Spitalfields, Borough and Edinburgh New Town store.

    OCT stands for Optical Coherence Tomography. It is a painless non-invasive scan that allows us to view structures of your eyes in 3D. Unlike retinal photography which only allows us to see the superficial layer of the retinal, an OCT scan lets us see all 10 layers. These can then be mapped and their thickness measured to help make diagnoses for sight threatening conditions. OCT is also useful in the detection of glaucoma, and can do this up to four years earlier than a standard retinal examination or photography.