Cubitts lens replacement service

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Cubitts lens replacement service

Just because your prescription changes, it doesn’t mean new spectacles.

Our reglazing service involves cutting and replacing your lenses with ZEISS ClearView lenses with DuraVision® coatings, to your prescription, at our London lab.

All our lenses are covered by a two year ZEISS warranty, including coating failures and light surface scratches.

How it works.
  • Order a lens replacement here (or visit any one of our stores).
  • Choose from our range of lenses and send us your prescription (if required).
  • Send your frame to Cubitts HQ using the free returns label.
  • We'll fit brand new ZEISS ClearView lenses, and ship them right back to you.
Our lens change prices:
  • Standard prescription lenses and non-prescription lenses (including sunglasses) - £75
  • Thinner 1.67 index prescription lenses - £125
  • Thinnest 1.74 index prescription lenses - £150
  • Varifocals - from £225 (only available in store)
When to replace your lenses.
  • To update your lenses with a new prescription.
  • To turn your old sunglasses into spectacles.
  • To upgrade your old lenses to ZEISS ClearView.
  • To replace scratched or damaged lenses..

Order a lens replacement here.

ZEISS Clearview lenses
    For all our lens changes, we use ZEISS ClearView lenses as standard. These premium lenses are optimised to the eye to offer a larger zone of clarity, thinner and flatter than the average lens.

    We won’t charge you extra for the necessities. That’s why all our lenses include the following ZEISS DuraVision® coatings:
    • Antistatic - repels dust and dirt, giving you clear vision and an immaculate appearance.
    • Hydrophobic - Repels water, reducing smudges, and making your lenses easier to keep clean.
    • Scratch resistant - this hard, durable layer protects your sunglasses from scratches and scuffs.
    • Anti reflective - A coating to reduce glare from light reflection, easing strain on the eye, giving you a clearer view of the outside world, and giving the outside world a clearer view of your wonderful eyes.
    • UV protection - full 100% UV protection, up to 400nm.