Cubitts Bespoke+

Spectacles designed without limits.

A pair of spectacles is the most personal object you own. It should reveal something about your personality.

With Bespoke+ you’ll create an entirely new frame. It could begin with a look. A reference. A shape. A colour. A detail. A feeling.

At the very least, It begins (and ends) with you.

What's included?

  • Two face-to-face consultations with a Cubitts designer, with plenty of frame discussion in between.
  • One handmade frame from a choice of over 130 acetate colours, responsibly sourced buffalo horn, or custom materials. Handmade in King's Cross.
  • Precision ZEISS lenses or sun lenses (and an eye exam, should you need one).
  • Custom engraving on the inside temples.
  • A monogrammed leather case.

Bespoke+ begins at $650. Get in touch or book your first consultation here.

Explore a gallery of Bespoke+ creations below.

If you had to guess this frame's owner, PhD physicist specialising in lasers would be unlikely to top the list. But there we are.

The pink pilot

Made for cyclist Dan Craven, with crystal lamination for clearer peripheral vision and magnetic clip-on side shields.

Lunettes de la bicyclette

A simple elongated panto in ethical buffalo horn. As Beau Brummell remarked: 'To be truly elegant one should not be noticed'.

Horn adornment

A frame made for an anonymous customer, with details based on clues about their character.

A blind date with Bespoke+

Like a circle in a spiral, a wheel within a wheel, never ending or beginning, with a clip-on made of steel.

Concentric spectacles

An optimistic laminated design for singer Cynthia Erivo, with rainbow bridge and meteorological temple tips.

Rose tinted

A round eye designed for a sweet toothed client. In laminated acetate inspired by cola bottle sweets.

Cola glasses

Believe it or not, this floral design was specified through a single stream-of-consciousness text message, and executed precisely.

An inspired brief

When they come to write your biography, it’s the subtlest of details which reveal the grand schema.

A bold black frame with an undulating browline and sculptural chamfers.

Cat eyes as sculpture

A masterpiece in subtle flare. Round in Rainbow Flush acetate, with laminated red temple tips.

Delicately distinctive

A traditional bold square frame in Camo acetate.

Classic camo

Bridging square and cat-eye, in Black acetate with a subtle Azure turtle laminations at the lugs and temple tips.

A lesson in elegance

A combination of Black and Dark Turtle acetates with Army Green strips.

More than the sum of its parts

A classic sunglasses frame in Khaki, with bespoke eye engravings on the inner temple.

Eyes on me

A minimalist square frame with an inscription inspired by a winning poker hand from a trip to Las Vegas.

One of a kind

An acquired taste. But then, that's what bespoke spectacles are for. A playful squashed rectangular silhouette designed for a narrow bridge.

A sight for sore eyes

Commissioned for Curve Theatre's production of The Wizard of Oz, to be worn by the titular character.

Frames for a wizard

An aviator frame in dark turtle acetate, with an impressively straight browline.

Classic pilot

Made to commemorate the anniversary of the discovery of Tutankhamun, with multiple acetates and brass inlay.

Frames fit for a pharaoh

A bold pilot in Celadon, with inner temple inscriptions of a poplar branch, and outer details inspired by a pool ladder.

From the pool to the poplar

Having taken a couple of frame making classes, Tara decided to take the next step and design this sharp cat-eye silhouette.

From student to master

Designed for photographer Misan Harriman, with a wide lens to maximise peripheral vision.

Photogenic frames

A softened square frame, exquisitely light in Smoke Grey acetate.

Classic spectacles

A hexagonal lens shape with a rimless top, secured by screws. Made in Crystal acetate with a White Noise lamination.

Surgical precision

You can trust celebrated costume designer Sandy Powell to design a great pair of spectacles.

Oscar winning design

A pair of square frames with swapped temples for Cynthia Erivo and Ariana Grande, inscribed with the Wicked logo.

Fluorescent friends

Somewhere between a pilot frame, and a traditional clerics silhouette, with a distinctive curved double bridge.

A particular pilot