When they come to write your biography, it’s the subtlest of details which reveal the grand schema.

Tiny decisions of taste which tell us everything.

Sure, grand gestures of an ascetic, new-fallen-snow life or passing your days in some fin de siècle, decadent fug are fine for light conversation at your wake, but the endless little fantasies of style you indulge in are the real markers of your idiosyncratic id.

And so, Bespoke+. Create a truly unique frame, designed by you, for you. A frame designed with no limits.

How does it work?

You'll meet for two consultations with our designer in London, before your frame is prototyped and handmade in our King's cross workshop over the course of 8-10 weeks.

What's included?
  • Two consultations with our designer.
  • A choice of over 130 colours of acetate, responsibly sourced buffalo horn, or custom materials.
  • Standard prescription lenses (and an eye exam, should you need one).
  • Custom engraving on the inside temple.
  • A monogrammed leather case.

From £650. Get in touch or book a consultation here.

Explore some of our recent Bespoke+ creations below.

It’s an unusual person who doesn’t play a character some of the time. Most of the time.