The Cubitts Philosophy

The Modern1

1 Drag this uninspiring industry into the future.
2 Not glasses. Do things properly.
3 There is art everywhere, but only if you put it there.
Cubitts was founded with the belief that bad eyesight is a blessing, not a curse. That spectacles should be loved, not tolerated. Wanted, not needed.

That beauty is not just in the eye of the beholder. It's also around it.

That every tiny point on a pair of spectacles, from its hand-pinned hinges to its precision lenses, is a point at which the wearer should be considered.

That spectacles should be made to last a lifetime, their frames repaired or lenses replaced when necessary.

That spectacles can be great again.

Our promises to you.

No language has the phrase ‘I’ll stay with you as long as a pair of spectacles.' Isn’t that our loss?