The Cubitts Podcast Episode 4: Tim Little

The Cubitts Podcast Episode 4: Tim Little
In the latest episode of the Cubitts Podcast, Tom speaks to Tim Little, managing director of heritage shoemakers Grenson.

Leaving a successful career in advertising to pursue his love of shoes, Tim found himself transforming the company – who have been manufacturing in the UK since 1866 – turning it into the forward facing brand we know today. In Grenson's words, 'an old company with a young heart.'
Tim and Tom talk about about the tiny sub millimetre details of shoe design (including tangents on Tom’s own foray into bootmaking), trade insights on the by-hand processes used in their head-to-toe industries, and judge each other on their respective footwear and eyewear.

Tim takes the Emotional Utilitarian brief seriously, bringing in three things that subtly structure his life, which we might well take for granted but are beautiful under scrutiny. An edition of the Saturday Financial Times, a handy key, and – naturally – a beautifully constructed pair of shoes.

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