Spectacles for the colour obsessed

Spectacles for the colour obsessed
The Cubitts Workshop Philosopher was observing the changing light of the sunset and wishing he could capture it in his spectacles.

And so he produced this finely engineered tribute to colour. A marvel in spectacle experimentation. Translucent acetates cut at a shallow angle, and bonded together for a smooth transition of colour. Mellow temple tip, giving way to a front of Violet and Umber, and returning to dust (or, more precisely, Sand).

Rendered in Presatugus, a boldly sculptural frame to facilitate the requisite thickness to highlight the play of light and colour.

Inspiration was found in the glasswork of contemporary designer Germans Ermičs. Ermičs has stated his intention is to ‘make people look at the glass, not through the glass’. As spectacle manufacturers, we can’t help but feel that our goal is the opposite.