Cubitts for Soho Music Month

Cubitts for Soho Music Month
A series of one-off frames to celebrate Soho Music Month, made in Cubitts’ workshop.

The musicians were selected for their incredible (and often iconic) taste in sunglasses, and for their place in Cubitts’ workshop team’s hearts.

Elton John

A remake of the shocking pink palm tree sunglasses that Elton John wore in 1973, complete with deep pink lenses (alas, without the matching pink satin suit).

John Lennon

Not a remake of the small metal teashade frames so often associated with John Lennon, but a pair of bold sunglasses from Austrian brand Silhouette’s ‘Futura’ collection that he was photographed in while hanging out with his good friend Elton.

Keith Flint

An homage to the white-rimmed, yellow-lensed sunglasses that Keith Flint was often photographed in during The Prodigy’s early years in the 1990s.

All three pairs of sunglasses are in the Cubitts Archive.