Sizing guide

An introduction to Cubitts frame sizing

Remarkably, most spectacles only come in a single size. Of course, this makes absolutely no sense.

We’re changing that.

Each Cubitts frame comes in up to five sizes - from the Lilliputian to the colossal, the capacious to the svelte. They also come in a range of different fits.

What size am I?

If you’re a spectacles wearer, the easiest way is to measure your frames with a ruler from edge to edge.

If you don’t have a current frame, stand in front of a mirror and hold the ruler in line with your temples.
The width of your frames should be at least as wide as your temple width. But they shouldn’t be wider than your face width. The ideal size of frame sits somewhere in between the two.

The top of your frames should be no higher than the line of your eyebrows

Wider shapes tend to be worn in a size larger - this include cat-eyes and aviator shapes, plus sunglasses.

Frame sizing

What fit am I?

Our frames come in a range of different fits, each corresponding to a beautiful shape of human nose. From the wide, to the button; the Grecian to the snub.

Choose a fit which maximises the area of contact between the frame and your nose - the spectacle kiss, if you will.

This will not only make a frame more comfortable to wear, but reduce the chance of it slipping down your nose.

Our range of frame fits.

Frame fit