Cubitts loves an infrequent shopper

Someone who makes a careful choice, finding a frame that suits their character … or the character they’d like to be … and then maintaining and repairing as necessary. Our workshop is designed to welcome in Cubitts spectacles that have seen a lot of life and make them feel young again.

That’s why we don’t use the word sustainability at Cubitts. We use Redux. A post-positive adjective meaning “brought back, or restored”. Our mission is to design timeless products that can be used, repaired, and ultimately recycled or remanufactured.

Frame rehab

We offer every Cubitts customer a complimentary frame rehab after their first year of frame ownership, which includes a thorough cleaning and a complimentary adjustment.

Repairs and readjustments, for life

We will always favour repairing a frame over replacing it. All of our stores have on-site repair workshops, and our frames are made in a way that makes them much easier to service and repair than most.

Frame donation and recycling

We donate our unsold stock to eye health charities in Kenya and Ethiopia. Anyone can drop off their old frames to be donated too, whether Cubitts or not, in any of our stores or by post to Cubitts, 55-61 Brewery Road, London N7 9QH.

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